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WE AIM TO PROVIDE YOU A HOLISTIC RECOVERY OF THE MIND, BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT TO ELEVATE YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. is an online platform, gathering the thought leaders, authors, healers, shaman, mystics, psychics, life coaches, and other experts to offer their services to help people from all around the world, to solve life problems holistically. Our approach to holistic solution considers the whole person — body, soul, spirit, plus thoughts, mindset, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness. In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall life, impacting their families, community, and country.
You can seek advice, coaching, or healing sessions from experts with various skills and knowledge on, through LIVE Video/Voice Calls or LIVE Messaging.

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The Types of Services Available on

Our Aim

BeTranced Online Holistic Healing Centre at aims to be an online platform to connect YOU with qualified experts ie. life coaches, fitness coaches, psychologists, counselors, healers, hypnotherapists, astrologers, psychic readers, and many more.

We support holistic healing and approaches to address and help mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health issues of our generation.

Anyone who is looking for solutions for the problems related to various areas of life, from physical health, mental health, emotional health to personal development, love & relationship, life purpose, money, fitness, and spirituality & metaphysical can come to Sessions will be through private video conferencing or messaging & online courses.

The Mental & Emotional health issues that we aim to help address are:

  • stress & depression
  • anxiety & panic attacks
  • paranoia
  • trauma
  • anger and abusive
  • addictions to smoking and alcohol
  • feeling meaningless and unworthy
  • feeling the uncertainty of the future
  • sleeping problems
  • and many more


Other issues that we also hope to provide support through our Service Providers here are related to:

Black magic & Evil eye

Jinn possession

Unexplained mental disorders (unusual thoughts)

Unexplained medical problems

Why do we create

The usual Healthcare system focuses mostly on the human physical body and there are still other areas of life that are not addressed. As a result, the causes of some health problems are still unexplained and unresolved. We do not only focus on providing healing sessions to those who are facing unexplainable health problems and mental disorders, but we would also like to help those who want to get back to the right path in life but they are maybe shy to meet up the experts in person or do not know who to consult help from.



At, there will be 4 main things to supplement your income while contributing help to people around the World. We will only ask for a 20% fee on every sale made by you. You can set your own prices for your services.

  1. Become an Online Counselor/Consultant/Coach/Healer

– Offer services through online LIVE Video counselling/coaching/consultation/physical &healing sessions via Zoom. No software installation needed and no charges apply.

– Offer services through LIVE Private Messaging for counselling/coaching/consultations sessions

  1. Become an Online Instructor/Teacher

Create your own Courses and teach what you love. BeTranced gives you the tools to create multiple online courses. You may create your own contents and break them down into modules via videos, write-ups or file sharings.

  1. Become an Online Vendor/Seller

Offer your Online Services or Sell your Digital Products. Your clients can conduct a LIVE Chat with you to check on your services and products and ask for further information and start ordering and make payments easily.



There are varieties of options available on the website for people from all around the world to choose from.

  • Get the kind of help you wish from the qualified experts through LIVE messaging, video calls or you can choose to learn on your own pace through the available online courses. All you need is to have access to the Internet & a credit card.
  • You can choose self-learning courses that you can learn at your own pace, get personalized 1:1 coaching, go through online distant healing or therapy sessions via video call, or just via text messaging with your chosen instruction (life coaches, healers, therapists, and others).

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: To help improves the lives of everyone around the World to be successful in all areas of life starting from its core.
Mission: Assist individuals to proper manage life challenges affecting the mind, body, soul and spirit.

At BeTranced Online Holistic Centre, we also encourage Worldwide community building and interactions among the members through our online Discussion Forum & LIVE Chat System available on so as to help each other and make this World a better place for everyone.

And then we want to also bring people around the World together to become one united people bringing huge impact towards one another, regardless of race, language or religion so as to achieve prosperity, happiness, progress and success by helping one another.

NUR AIN HASSAN (The Founder of BeTranced Online Holistic Healing Centre @


The founder of the platform is Nur Ain Hassan from Singapore. She is a certified spiritual life coach and certified Hijama cupping practitioner who has guided countless individuals across Singapore on a journey towards better holistic health. She and her father have been actively providing Hijama Wet Cupping therapy to her clients in Singapore since 2019. They can be googled as “HijamaTeam”. Since then, Nur Ain realized that many physical health issues are also hugely influenced by other factors which include Mental & Emotional, which most of the time could not be properly addressed. Due to modernization, many health issues arose from mental and emotional stress, trapped negative emotions which derived from past trauma & bad experiences, and negative energies which occur from within and surroundings. In some rare cases which are still happening in some communities, the practice of Black Magic is still active and is really giving a lot of really bad impact on the victim’s overall life and his family.

These have sparked Nur Ain’s determination to gather experts online on this platform, who can provide everyone around the World with solutions to challenges affecting the mind, body, soul, and spirit.


  •  Nur Ain is also an author of 7 Steps To Get Anything You Desire, who has a deep interest in helping people to get out of anxiety and depression through releasing of mental barriers to take back control of their minds and their lives.

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Check out our Help and Support Center to find quick answers to your questions.

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